Meet some of the company´s employees

Mikael Poulsen

Hello Mikael!
What are you working with and how long have you been employed at ProfilGruppen?
I work at ProfilGruppen´s extruding plants Press Mia and Press Eva, as a die corrector. I have been employed for many years, more precisely since 1987, with a five years break. My job involves adjusting dies when the profiles are incorrect, controlling and make test runs of new dies. My job also involves ordering of dies, improving replacement dies, returning with feedback to our die suppliers in order for future dies to be even better.

How do you find your job?
I find my work very interesting and varied. You have the opportunity to work both independently on the tool department and as a team out in the extruding plants.

How would you describe ProfilGruppen?
ProfilGruppen is a good work place and an important employer for our region.

What is it like being employed at ProfilGruppen?
Many employees can testify very varied career opportunities at ProfilGruppen. The reason for this is the high degree of internal mobility. The result is that we can share ideas and knowledge throughout the organization. Therefore, I think it´s very good to be an employee of ProfilGruppen, and I can heartily recommend it.