Holiday work

Summer jobs

Interest in summer jobs in the ProfilGruppen Group is very high.To work in our production, you must be 18 years old. If you’re interested in a summer job, contact our HR department for more information.

Contact details:

Ulrika Svensson, Manager HR
Phone: +46 (0)474 550 00

PRAO students and vocational training

Every year, ProfilGruppen takes on a number of students of varying ages and for varying periods of time. For reasons of safety, we have defined the types of student who are eligible to be offered a placement.

Vocational training

We offer placements with an appointed supervisor/tutor to students who turn 16 during the calendar year and follow a programme of vocational training with a syllabus set down by the responsible school.

Students that reach the age of at least 13 during the calendar year

For safety reasons, students below the age of 13 cannot take up a placement in production. Such students may only work in an office environment (but not in production offices adjacent to production facilities). Students reaching the age of 13 may also be employed in simpler gardening/landscaping work, but are not permitted to operate machinery.

We are unable to accept students who will not turn 13 during the calendar year.

All placement and PRAO activities must be approved by the HR department. All students granted a placement must spend the first day of their time with us undergoing a programme of safety training.
Parents must provide written consent stating that they agree to their child/children attending a placement with ProfilGruppen.